Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yeyyyyyy I m done with my very first pair of knitted socks !!

I m pretty proud of myself actually ; Is that very childish maybe?
I used about two skeins of "Sterk" yarn : It can be bought here. it says " VĂ¥re forhandlere " on the shops that sells it , I am sure if you email them they will be happy to ship overseas too if thats where you live.

Here is a picture of the socks.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skappel sweater in size 2/3 y old

I m nearly done: I have to sort out the neck and I have the arms left.....
It should have been finished but I got hooked on finishing my sock.......

I havent prepped it or  anything its just taken up and put on the table for a photo; I will try my best to finish it soon.

Yeyyyy My first sock is finished..........

Now I just need to finish the other one so I have a pair hehe.
But honestly I am a bit proud as its the first sock I have made all by my self ( and some help from the internet)

So here is the miracle ..........

And here is a test heel I did with normal "ragge" yarn.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I think I wanna try and knit a calometry when I m done with the socks...and the sweater

Here you can find the Norwegian pattern Lindan sin hobby blogg
and HERE you can find the English one .

Someone knitted  one for me a long time ago but I think I wanna have a go myself too.

Will add a photo when I have done so.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I will within a day or two add a new post about the shortrow heel

I did add a post just the other day but I need to change something and also add the written English version on how to do the shortrow heel,....
I can add the quick read version and a bit more thorough one but I m waiting for a reply on if I can link to a video or if I have to make a video myself...
I m hoping I don't have to film myself .... that makes me nervous just writing about it lol

And I was gonna take some  photos and add them but it was just to dark so I have to wait until tomorrow.
Just let me know if there is anything special you want to see and I will do my very best to do so :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some of the socks I v started on......

promise I will add a new photo in this post or a new one when they are finished but I managed at the kitting cafe on tuesday 13/11.2012 at .nostet mitt. a knitting shop not very far away from me.............
Well I ll be honest and tell you temptation got the better of me and I bought 2 new lovely pieces of yarn in "STERK " in a purple and a lovely jade green.
English speaking readers if you want to try this yarn I m sure you can ask on theire FB page how to buy this yarn, Its a lovely yarn but I think i will be trying to knit dobbel as its for me a bit thin when my hands are hurting but its not soooo thin its similar to crochet yarn.
Its really nice and soft and comes in amazing colours, especially I loved the jade colour.
If you look here you will se the yarn "STERK" and the colour I have is number 814 petrol and 817 Lilla and they match quite nicely.

A quick card I made......

"Skappel " sweater size 2/3 y old

Here is the photos of the beginning on my little sweater, I v gotten further now but here you can see some of it.
I have used Viking Eco Alpakka og Sandes soft alpakka.

Iv nearly done with the back, well I was done but while it has been left in the knitting bag it seems to have shrunk.LOL but I ll open it again and then knit a few extra centimeters and I have nearly knitted the front too I just have to finish the neck....
Will add more photos later :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another knitting project.........

I am also currently making a few cards quite similar to the one I learned on the stempel scrap (or what was it called.lol)
I ll add some photos of that later but I m  trying to get craft carton and some old postcards, I dont need the front just the back of them so if anyone knows where to get them or have some extras please do let me know.

Anyway this new project (apart from the sock knitting; there I have to wait a bit so I can get someone to help me with the heel..........)

I have decided to knit the small version of what is being called  "The skappel sweater"/ In Norwegian " Skappel genseren"

I just need bigger knitting needles and some yarn and I m desperately hoping some money will enter my account today.......................

Here is the link to where i found the skappel genser/ the skappel sweater but it is in Norwegian.....
If anyone would like I can translate the receipe but then I would need to know if anyone would like me too and also I have to ask permission from the Skappel family to give it out in English.
I think it should be fine as its a free recipe here in Norway though.

I hope you will like the result and I really really hope the one I m giving this too will love it!!!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

My last addiction................

I v started knitting socks again...........
I knitted quite a bit a long time ago but after i hurt my elbow really badly 6  years ago I had to stop but recently I thought I d give it a go again so I have started to knit socks.
That was my last project before I hurt my elbow but I only managed one sock......... Yes one whole one,lol.
So now I have started but I m struggling with the heel so I m trying to get someone to learn it to me...
I v taken some photos of the sock I v started with and my not very good attempt on the heel but will add the picture so you can see how awful it looked,
But the start looks ok, nothing complicated  just one normal stitch, one purl . one normal. then purl a while and then just normal but I have used 2 colours of pink.

Been to "stempelscrap" today..

Today I went to "stempelscrap". Its once a year and its certainly a while since I have had the chance to go .
I went to a class making a vintage inspired card with Heidi Augustson aka Filharmonica
here is :here is her blog.
It was a lot of fun, I was going to take photos while working on the card but forgot the memorycard to my camera(which I later found.lol) so I will add those photos later but will borrow a photo of the finished card from Heidi until I v got my own sorted.

picture borrowed from Filharmonica and she has made this card not me.


More photos from the day will be added but I m having problems with the pc.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

sorry for not updating the blog much............

Am kinda thinking of adding some other topics like make up and beauty, hair ,travelling and other things that interests me, what do you guys think?

Also i will add a Sigma banner so if you wanna get some awsome make up brushes, click on that link please and let me know you have done it and and i will have a little contest, if you click on the link and purchase more than once say so, every time will be like an extra lottery ticket and i will say who the winner is in lets say in beginning of june as its not that much traffick here i will leave plenty of time for people to do so.