Friday, April 25, 2008

My first try using my prisma pencils with sansador(gamsol)

I just had to try out my new prismas when they came in the post today, i can see i need loads more practise to use them.
I m not happy with the result to be honest and if it wasnt for the fact i want advice to how to improve my technique on this i would never have posted these photos,lol
I promise i will take any critique postively and will continue to test these pencils out as they are to pricy to stay in a drawer i think.
The pregnant magnolia i have coloured are going to be a part of a card i m going to make for a friend i just got told are pregnant with her 4th child.
I will use any excuse i have to send a card,lol

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos of my storage items i have added decopage on

This is photos of the bigger storage drawers, it is really 3 drawers but i have just stacked them on top of eachother.

Even more photos, now with decopage on my storage drawers

in, i have ribbons on those old wooden clothes pins in one drawer, alchol ink in another and buttons in some others.
This is the small drawers which i keep at my desk, atleast for now i might move it later.
Behind it is one of those boards where you can write and put magnets on and i m not sure how to make a use of that; however if you have any ideas plz leave me a comment.
I have 2 or 3 more of these but i havent had time to re do them but i will, they are great to keep stuff

More photos of my scrap/craft space

My craft space in progress

This is my space in the livingroom so its pretty limited but i guess its better than having to create in a closet,lol
Its not totally done, i m still trying to decide where everything should go and stuff, i bought the ikea desk "Mikael" used but it was in great shape so i saved lots of money on that and that i love the desk, also from ikea i got this little trolley where i keep my cuttlebug amongst other things.
It is a great litte storage item.
Like a decade ago i got some other small storage drawers from ikea but i was bored by the colour and didnt really know what to use them for but i have re decored them now and am slowly making ause for them, in the same way i re decorated them i also did some other storage units which i guess was some kind of office furniture but i got them from my local charity shop and again saved some money which is a short coming at my house.
Anyway i painted them in a soft light color, its not all white but got a capuchino edge to it, its called Provance of some reason,lol

After that i cut out lots of circles using my cuttlebug, i had some really cool napkins i wanted to use and i used the decopage technique for that but as a finishing touch i added a layer with floor varnish so i was sure it would keep for a long time without getting lots of bumps and scratses on it.
When i put on the circles to the items i used proper decopage glue and such which i bought at Panduros.
I am thrilled with the result, it looks really cool i think,

I think this is a beautiful photo, you can just see the love and happiness in the happy couple, if you see the cute adorable baby in the other Lo(well most of them as its a baby picture of my mum and one of my brother) . well there is the result in that love he he

More Lo for yours inspiration

I have quite a few Lo i want to show you as you can see.

More Lo for yours inspiration

I figured i would add some more LO but also write something about them too.
All the suplies are bought either from Panduro, hobbynorge papertrends or ebay, if you are wondering about where i have got something particulary just ask and i will do my best to tell you where or explain if there is a look or technique i have done,
I am planning to do small tutorials about things i make but for now i will add photos for your inspiration.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Magonlia/Tilda stamps

This was suposed to be a baby blanket but.........

since i had my accident i havent managed to finish any knitting or crocheting objects and belive me i v got plenty; maybe i can get a little help from my mother and give it a new life as a pillow case.
What you think about that? It is made of alpakka yarn which is really soft so i bet it will be warm,soft and cuddly.

More cute photos

I just can not help it showing off my adorable babies and especiall looking at the "baby" photos of Sunny makes me long for those times she was sooo soo tiny i could put her in my pockets and she would just fall asleep.
Nothing is cuter in this world than babies, animals babies or human babies; i love them to bits.

Just some photos of Faith and Sunny when she was a baby

Monday, April 14, 2008


I used to crochet and knit before i fell of my horse in september 2006 but i hurt myself very bad including breaking my arm in three places which have needed several operations.
I wish i could do this now but at the moment i cant possibly manage to as it hurts more than enough doing the papercrafting but it is easier to do as i can use my left hand a lot more.
The three first photos are done by using an old crocheting technique called Tunisian crocheting and i loved doing it so i got lots of these and the granny squares which in the end are ment to be a big blanket.


Some photos of the chinchillas