Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are home again yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Well now i am finally back, well i have been at home for a while but i came home from holiday in Portugal ill and with a broken leg.

We had a great first couple of weeks, we lived about half an hour from Portimao (Algarve ) in a place called Casais, closest "village" was called monchique so we were way up in the mountains,lol, we even felt a blast of hurricane ike since we were near the coast too.
I have lots of nice photos to show you from the first and best weeks but also pictures from when i didnt feel too good; imagine going away too feel better, getting hot stone mssages and having treatments in this really special water, just do a google on the water in Caldes de monchique.
Th treatments i had before i got ill was amazing and i really felt a difference to my body after being in that water.
I do belive in most countries you can get the hot stone massage and even if it is pricy in your country it is worth the saving up to have it done; you will deffo feel like a new person after.

The bad bit happened when i was going in the tiny tiny village store to get milk and i had 2 walk through the village bar and it was this tiny step down which i didnt see ; everyone has asked me if i had drink or 3 in the before going into the store but no i did not i was just knackered after a day out and the ppl who saw me fell belives i fainted rather than just slip soooooooooo boom there i got a nice(NOT) trip to the hospital where i met the doctor from well a place not to be mentioned......................... and not 2 mention after having xrays and so on he put a bandage on and we went home with no instruction just few hundred euros poorer.......

A few days after the foot got worse and worse so we went down to the hospital and a doctor looked at saying,, here is something very wrong so after a new round with x rays and so on( no one asked if that was what i wanted; infact no one asked me if i was ok with anything they just did what ever thay wanted not caring about what i wanted.
But anyway then they found out the foot was infact broken and i needed a cast but i could not get the normal full on cast since i was flying home to Norway the week after.
Just imagine all this, we had more problems than i can even manage 2 sit down and write as i will never ever finish but the worst for me was that the first doctor who looked at me ignored me and what i said but also didnt see my foot was broken and made evrything worse for me since he did not do his job right. OMG i say
I will leave you with some photis and i will carry on telling you more ; i just need a bit of rest on my right arm( the one i have several old fractures in my elbow)