Thursday, November 29, 2012

Skappel sweater in size 2/3 y old

I m nearly done: I have to sort out the neck and I have the arms left.....
It should have been finished but I got hooked on finishing my sock.......

I havent prepped it or  anything its just taken up and put on the table for a photo; I will try my best to finish it soon.

Yeyyyy My first sock is finished..........

Now I just need to finish the other one so I have a pair hehe.
But honestly I am a bit proud as its the first sock I have made all by my self ( and some help from the internet)

So here is the miracle ..........

And here is a test heel I did with normal "ragge" yarn.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I think I wanna try and knit a calometry when I m done with the socks...and the sweater

Here you can find the Norwegian pattern Lindan sin hobby blogg
and HERE you can find the English one .

Someone knitted  one for me a long time ago but I think I wanna have a go myself too.

Will add a photo when I have done so.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I will within a day or two add a new post about the shortrow heel

I did add a post just the other day but I need to change something and also add the written English version on how to do the shortrow heel,....
I can add the quick read version and a bit more thorough one but I m waiting for a reply on if I can link to a video or if I have to make a video myself...
I m hoping I don't have to film myself .... that makes me nervous just writing about it lol

And I was gonna take some  photos and add them but it was just to dark so I have to wait until tomorrow.
Just let me know if there is anything special you want to see and I will do my very best to do so :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Some of the socks I v started on......

promise I will add a new photo in this post or a new one when they are finished but I managed at the kitting cafe on tuesday 13/11.2012 at .nostet mitt. a knitting shop not very far away from me.............
Well I ll be honest and tell you temptation got the better of me and I bought 2 new lovely pieces of yarn in "STERK " in a purple and a lovely jade green.
English speaking readers if you want to try this yarn I m sure you can ask on theire FB page how to buy this yarn, Its a lovely yarn but I think i will be trying to knit dobbel as its for me a bit thin when my hands are hurting but its not soooo thin its similar to crochet yarn.
Its really nice and soft and comes in amazing colours, especially I loved the jade colour.
If you look here you will se the yarn "STERK" and the colour I have is number 814 petrol and 817 Lilla and they match quite nicely.

A quick card I made......

"Skappel " sweater size 2/3 y old

Here is the photos of the beginning on my little sweater, I v gotten further now but here you can see some of it.
I have used Viking Eco Alpakka og Sandes soft alpakka.

Iv nearly done with the back, well I was done but while it has been left in the knitting bag it seems to have shrunk.LOL but I ll open it again and then knit a few extra centimeters and I have nearly knitted the front too I just have to finish the neck....
Will add more photos later :)