Monday, January 25, 2010


I thought first i was going to do something nice for my followers since there are only 4 but i dont think they follow that much as i havent gotten any emails with the info i need so therefor i will give the ones who makes comment number 50 an extra treat.
However if i get a 100 comments i will give number 100 randomly pick 3 others of everyone that are a part of this.
So 5 in total will have a suprise from me if you make it happend getting me a 100 comments.
what the candy will be will be a suprise; for now anyway i might change my mind and put a picture here for tempting reasons.
I know that maybe there are other blogs that are more interesting than mine but i dont think mine is the most boring one either so i m hoping you all will have a look here and be so sweet that you will leave some comments too.