Tuesday, July 16, 2013

starting my second promise me by boo shawl...

Its in this stunning colour from dibadu funnies, weitesland is the colour way, the colours is so rich and georgeus!!!!

I m sorry but I dont know how to to turn the photos but this is just the very start... I started knitting just the other day....

albuelita yarn ready for a boo shawl....

Havent decided which one yet but this is worsted weight just about, a bit thinner I think


Nearly done with promise me by boo, a lovely shawl.

I ran out of tarn for the two  last rows so the picture is still with needles ,safety lines and stitchmarkers.
I will add a new picture once its finished and blocked.

Finished with my drop stitch cowl

I used katia fabula in colour way 93, lovely chunky yarn for this kind of project.
Has taken me ages but only because I ran out of yarn, this does take quite a but of yarn....
Katia fabula has short yardage though but I still recomend it.