Monday, January 25, 2010


I thought first i was going to do something nice for my followers since there are only 4 but i dont think they follow that much as i havent gotten any emails with the info i need so therefor i will give the ones who makes comment number 50 an extra treat.
However if i get a 100 comments i will give number 100 randomly pick 3 others of everyone that are a part of this.
So 5 in total will have a suprise from me if you make it happend getting me a 100 comments.
what the candy will be will be a suprise; for now anyway i might change my mind and put a picture here for tempting reasons.
I know that maybe there are other blogs that are more interesting than mine but i dont think mine is the most boring one either so i m hoping you all will have a look here and be so sweet that you will leave some comments too.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Basket 1|


And i filled them with things like nice and delicate wrapped tea and coffe and sweets.
I made one just before i left Norway to spend 5 weeks in portugal and that one was to give to Marit; the worlds most amazing friend and unique cat sitter.

Also i made one for my Portugise friend Carla; it was really nice to see her suprised face when she got this; she really did not expect me to give her something so it was a real pleasure to brighten up her day.
In Carla`s basket i put some chocolate to as you is a passionate chocolate

The 2 last ones i made for my ""sister/ /slash" bestfriend(Renate)"" so we could give it as a joint xmas present from the 2 of us + my mother to give Renates bf sister and mother and they loved the baskets aswell.

The best thing however was the fun of making them, i loved every second of it and i will sgow you a photo of all the 4 different baskets.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I think i m gonna do something nice for the 4 nice ppl that are listet as my followers

Well just because i see there are some ppl, not that many really that follows and/or read my blog so if you can be so nice and email me with your real names and contact info and also if you can be so sweet and let me know if you are scrapbookers/cardmakers or not that would be amazing.

If You do i will make sure you get an extra treat from me just because you are nice and follows my blog and i want to show you that is very much appreciated.

I also hope , if its not to much to ask for and that is please recomend my blog to your friends too, i know many blogs are more active than mine but i do still hope you enjoy what i do put on here.

I would probably write so much more on here if i didnt have my arm injery to struggle with but i try to make up for it with some nice photos.

I am going to add some photos from my recent Portugal holiday soon, also i am re doing and organizing my bedroom slash craft space so if you have any great organizing tips i will be so happy cause i need that so much.

I really want a nice bedroom but with some space to keep my craft stash(which is way way to much)( If you know of a nice charity that will need some of my stuff and put it too good use plz let me know)

I think its really difficult to keep things neat and tidy and organized but i am sure loads of you ppl out there struggle with the same thing.