Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are home again yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Well now i am finally back, well i have been at home for a while but i came home from holiday in Portugal ill and with a broken leg.

We had a great first couple of weeks, we lived about half an hour from Portimao (Algarve ) in a place called Casais, closest "village" was called monchique so we were way up in the mountains,lol, we even felt a blast of hurricane ike since we were near the coast too.
I have lots of nice photos to show you from the first and best weeks but also pictures from when i didnt feel too good; imagine going away too feel better, getting hot stone mssages and having treatments in this really special water, just do a google on the water in Caldes de monchique.
Th treatments i had before i got ill was amazing and i really felt a difference to my body after being in that water.
I do belive in most countries you can get the hot stone massage and even if it is pricy in your country it is worth the saving up to have it done; you will deffo feel like a new person after.

The bad bit happened when i was going in the tiny tiny village store to get milk and i had 2 walk through the village bar and it was this tiny step down which i didnt see ; everyone has asked me if i had drink or 3 in the before going into the store but no i did not i was just knackered after a day out and the ppl who saw me fell belives i fainted rather than just slip soooooooooo boom there i got a nice(NOT) trip to the hospital where i met the doctor from well a place not to be mentioned......................... and not 2 mention after having xrays and so on he put a bandage on and we went home with no instruction just few hundred euros poorer.......

A few days after the foot got worse and worse so we went down to the hospital and a doctor looked at saying,, here is something very wrong so after a new round with x rays and so on( no one asked if that was what i wanted; infact no one asked me if i was ok with anything they just did what ever thay wanted not caring about what i wanted.
But anyway then they found out the foot was infact broken and i needed a cast but i could not get the normal full on cast since i was flying home to Norway the week after.
Just imagine all this, we had more problems than i can even manage 2 sit down and write as i will never ever finish but the worst for me was that the first doctor who looked at me ignored me and what i said but also didnt see my foot was broken and made evrything worse for me since he did not do his job right. OMG i say
I will leave you with some photis and i will carry on telling you more ; i just need a bit of rest on my right arm( the one i have several old fractures in my elbow)

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yup thats rite, i m going the 12 of august and will be staying to september 13th; funnily enough i m coming home the day be4 my big birthday and i m passed 29 to say that,lol.
So now you know that i probably wont be able to blog while i m gone but will asp when i get home.
Take care ya all.

luv nina

Monday, July 7, 2008


It actually looks pretty nice, not bad to be a newbie is it.

My most recent cards

well here is my latest cards, let me know what ya all think?
(unfortenately you cant see the cool image i stamped on the black bit on the card here at the bottom, the scanner dint pick it up)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer in Norway

Isnt these flowers just stunning?
I took these pictures in my mothers garden this june on a sunny summer day.
It makes me in a such a good moode just looking at them.

Some wedding cards i made.

My mother needed a wedding card so i made her 2 so she could choose the one she liked the most.
I really like the paisly paper on the card with the doves, its bought at the in Oslo.

The lazy paper is something i bought in Portugal last year.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Card from "make and take" at the craft fair 2008

It is great to have some small cards at times if you are in a hurry or just to put with some flowers you are giving away., this one i learned to do on a make and take . i just adore this card so i gave it to my mum.

Friday, June 6, 2008

If you ever want to read and learn more about chinchillas.....

Here is the link to my msn group i tried on once, all the facts are always correct but some of the other things like if i have sold a chin/bought one its not always i update as it gets to much for me juggelig with ilnnesses and such.
I will however keep writing here as much as i possibly can, both me/craft and chin related as this blog all started with someone close in my life said i should show off some of the things i make.

but here is one chinchilla link anyway

Monday, June 2, 2008

My LO from a class Xstine had at

On friday(30/05.08) i went to class at Papertrends, one of my fave scrapbooking stores, they are just amazing, they help and they stratch really far to get you what you want or need.
Also they have reguarly classes and scrap evenings which is so much fun.
I have been to 2 classes, one where we did clearalbums and this last one where you mixed funk and vintage. so i thought i should show you the 3 LO i did.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its been a while i know, plz forgive me but i have been ill

This my very first ATC card, i used a corner punch and then sum Tim Holtz distress ink to make it look older;the pink cardstock is bazill , the whit ish one i can not remember but i have bought it at Papertrends in oslo.
I also used sum lace and brads and a sticker i had as a leftover.
Hopefully you all like at as my first atempt at this.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My first try using my prisma pencils with sansador(gamsol)

I just had to try out my new prismas when they came in the post today, i can see i need loads more practise to use them.
I m not happy with the result to be honest and if it wasnt for the fact i want advice to how to improve my technique on this i would never have posted these photos,lol
I promise i will take any critique postively and will continue to test these pencils out as they are to pricy to stay in a drawer i think.
The pregnant magnolia i have coloured are going to be a part of a card i m going to make for a friend i just got told are pregnant with her 4th child.
I will use any excuse i have to send a card,lol

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos of my storage items i have added decopage on

This is photos of the bigger storage drawers, it is really 3 drawers but i have just stacked them on top of eachother.

Even more photos, now with decopage on my storage drawers

in, i have ribbons on those old wooden clothes pins in one drawer, alchol ink in another and buttons in some others.
This is the small drawers which i keep at my desk, atleast for now i might move it later.
Behind it is one of those boards where you can write and put magnets on and i m not sure how to make a use of that; however if you have any ideas plz leave me a comment.
I have 2 or 3 more of these but i havent had time to re do them but i will, they are great to keep stuff

More photos of my scrap/craft space

My craft space in progress

This is my space in the livingroom so its pretty limited but i guess its better than having to create in a closet,lol
Its not totally done, i m still trying to decide where everything should go and stuff, i bought the ikea desk "Mikael" used but it was in great shape so i saved lots of money on that and that i love the desk, also from ikea i got this little trolley where i keep my cuttlebug amongst other things.
It is a great litte storage item.
Like a decade ago i got some other small storage drawers from ikea but i was bored by the colour and didnt really know what to use them for but i have re decored them now and am slowly making ause for them, in the same way i re decorated them i also did some other storage units which i guess was some kind of office furniture but i got them from my local charity shop and again saved some money which is a short coming at my house.
Anyway i painted them in a soft light color, its not all white but got a capuchino edge to it, its called Provance of some reason,lol

After that i cut out lots of circles using my cuttlebug, i had some really cool napkins i wanted to use and i used the decopage technique for that but as a finishing touch i added a layer with floor varnish so i was sure it would keep for a long time without getting lots of bumps and scratses on it.
When i put on the circles to the items i used proper decopage glue and such which i bought at Panduros.
I am thrilled with the result, it looks really cool i think,

I think this is a beautiful photo, you can just see the love and happiness in the happy couple, if you see the cute adorable baby in the other Lo(well most of them as its a baby picture of my mum and one of my brother) . well there is the result in that love he he

More Lo for yours inspiration

I have quite a few Lo i want to show you as you can see.

More Lo for yours inspiration

I figured i would add some more LO but also write something about them too.
All the suplies are bought either from Panduro, hobbynorge papertrends or ebay, if you are wondering about where i have got something particulary just ask and i will do my best to tell you where or explain if there is a look or technique i have done,
I am planning to do small tutorials about things i make but for now i will add photos for your inspiration.