Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Magonlia/Tilda stamps

This was suposed to be a baby blanket but.........

since i had my accident i havent managed to finish any knitting or crocheting objects and belive me i v got plenty; maybe i can get a little help from my mother and give it a new life as a pillow case.
What you think about that? It is made of alpakka yarn which is really soft so i bet it will be warm,soft and cuddly.

More cute photos

I just can not help it showing off my adorable babies and especiall looking at the "baby" photos of Sunny makes me long for those times she was sooo soo tiny i could put her in my pockets and she would just fall asleep.
Nothing is cuter in this world than babies, animals babies or human babies; i love them to bits.

Just some photos of Faith and Sunny when she was a baby