Sunday, September 30, 2012

My last addiction................

I v started knitting socks again...........
I knitted quite a bit a long time ago but after i hurt my elbow really badly 6  years ago I had to stop but recently I thought I d give it a go again so I have started to knit socks.
That was my last project before I hurt my elbow but I only managed one sock......... Yes one whole one,lol.
So now I have started but I m struggling with the heel so I m trying to get someone to learn it to me...
I v taken some photos of the sock I v started with and my not very good attempt on the heel but will add the picture so you can see how awful it looked,
But the start looks ok, nothing complicated  just one normal stitch, one purl . one normal. then purl a while and then just normal but I have used 2 colours of pink.

Been to "stempelscrap" today..

Today I went to "stempelscrap". Its once a year and its certainly a while since I have had the chance to go .
I went to a class making a vintage inspired card with Heidi Augustson aka Filharmonica
here is :here is her blog.
It was a lot of fun, I was going to take photos while working on the card but forgot the memorycard to my camera(which I later so I will add those photos later but will borrow a photo of the finished card from Heidi until I v got my own sorted.

picture borrowed from Filharmonica and she has made this card not me.


More photos from the day will be added but I m having problems with the pc.