Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two pairs of baby booties and two pairs of children socks is finished.

I v finished two of the three pairs of the children's socks I m knitting on and have started on the third pair; I have to knit the heel and I m not sure if I m gonna knit my normal short row heel which you can find here.
This is only in Norwegian but do contact me and I ll help you if you want to try it in English.
The video can be found here.

Or I am thinking of trying the Tomato heel but you have to buy the pattern but you can find the video here

I will show you and tell you what heel I decided to when I m done.
Here I have photos of the two finished pairs of socks , I v written what yarn I v used in one of the earlier posts.

Also I found out someone I know is expecting a baby girl so I wanted to knit a little quick present for her and I v always wanted to knit something for premature and ill babies so I decided to go for baby booties.
I v knitted two pairs now and am working on the third pair which I m making a little bit bigger.
The pattern says they should fit 0-6 months but I m not sure I think maybe 0-3 months is more accurate so I m trying to knit them one size bigger.
I ll let you know how many stitches and so on I have changed for the bigger size but the original pattern is here
                                               Socks size 2-4 y old

                                               Socks 1-2 y old

                                               Socks and baby booties
                                          Peach baby booties made with chuncky 100% acrylic yarn
                                          Multi coloured booties made with chunky sirdar yarn

                                           Both children socks