Saturday, January 23, 2010


And i filled them with things like nice and delicate wrapped tea and coffe and sweets.
I made one just before i left Norway to spend 5 weeks in portugal and that one was to give to Marit; the worlds most amazing friend and unique cat sitter.

Also i made one for my Portugise friend Carla; it was really nice to see her suprised face when she got this; she really did not expect me to give her something so it was a real pleasure to brighten up her day.
In Carla`s basket i put some chocolate to as you is a passionate chocolate

The 2 last ones i made for my ""sister/ /slash" bestfriend(Renate)"" so we could give it as a joint xmas present from the 2 of us + my mother to give Renates bf sister and mother and they loved the baskets aswell.

The best thing however was the fun of making them, i loved every second of it and i will sgow you a photo of all the 4 different baskets.

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