Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Another knitting project.........

I am also currently making a few cards quite similar to the one I learned on the stempel scrap (or what was it called.lol)
I ll add some photos of that later but I m  trying to get craft carton and some old postcards, I dont need the front just the back of them so if anyone knows where to get them or have some extras please do let me know.

Anyway this new project (apart from the sock knitting; there I have to wait a bit so I can get someone to help me with the heel..........)

I have decided to knit the small version of what is being called  "The skappel sweater"/ In Norwegian " Skappel genseren"

I just need bigger knitting needles and some yarn and I m desperately hoping some money will enter my account today.......................

Here is the link to where i found the skappel genser/ the skappel sweater but it is in Norwegian.....
If anyone would like I can translate the receipe but then I would need to know if anyone would like me too and also I have to ask permission from the Skappel family to give it out in English.
I think it should be fine as its a free recipe here in Norway though.

I hope you will like the result and I really really hope the one I m giving this too will love it!!!

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