Monday, April 14, 2008

A presentation of my chinchillas; a part of the zoo in my house

we can start with the oldest resident which is Rambo, he is a black velvet and a right old grandad,lol but he is a sweetheart.

Then we have litchie, shes a beige and a very unique caracter,she has very special meanings on who she likes and dont like and she is the best at making herself look sweet so she can get a treat.

We also got Hera and shes known as the “barker” cause shes a right little guard dog that barks if you get to close, on the other hand she does not mind if you let her climb onto your hands so she can catch a ride with you out to freedom which is the bathroom for the chins, that is the place where they can run and play safely which is very important to me.

then we have Chantel, shes a black & white and the newest of the bunch, she is at the moment considering getting herself a husband hi hi, she is the youngest and the most energetic chin i have ever seen, shes a total nutcase, she eats on everything and as soon as you even try to open the cage she is there and on her way out and more than once she has managed it so its chin chase for her mummies,lol

Skiddy widdy is a darling shy boy and he was the grand father to our now gone Tellus Ozzy,R.I.P ozzy we miss you dearly.
Skiddy is named after a friend of mine as his daughter used to call him skiddy widdy pants when she was a baby, we figured skiddy was a more fun name than Tellus O maley which was his “birthname”
Skiddy is the most calm of the lot but enjoys a cuddle too. R.iP skiddy, i do miss you so much

Last (sort of) we have “Babe”, she is what we call the big bum in the house cause she definetly got a big bum,lol . but she is stunning but has her very weird habbits and is it something she hates its being groomed.
I said last but we have another 2 chins which i really gave to my “baby sister” but due to some family circumstances i had to take them back so they are currently living with my mother and she enjoys the company.
My mother has “destiny” and my first born chin “Jasmine!” staying there and they are TOV violet and brown velvet of colour, both cute chinnies and love like they all to get sweets and TLC.
So there are the chins introduced, next time i will tell you all about the cats who rule this house.lolA picture of Babe

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