Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Childrens sweater in size 2/3 y old

This is a plane, basic easy children's sweater in size 2/3 y old but I think it may be 3/4 y old.
Its knitted in 4 pieces( front ,back, arms) and sewn together and its alpaca yarn.
One is the Viking Eco alpaca yarn and the other I believe its fairytale but you can use any similar yarns.
I used size 7mm needles on this and I made the back slightly longer than the front.
Now I m just so curious to know if the recipient likes it..............
So Aleisha ; I worked hard on your sweater so I hope you like it and that your mummy will wash it accordingly to my instructions which is HAND WASH.
Sorry about that, will knit an easy washable one later :)

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