Monday, January 14, 2013

Socks and more socks ; size 38 female and size 1/2 y old and 2/4 y old.....

Here is the first pair of socks I v knitted for  myself ; They are knitted with one thread of "step 6" and drops baby alpakka silk".
I cast on 52 stitches but note to myself on the next pair i can go down about 8 stitches atleast knitting with that combo of yarn.
They do however look pretty nice if I can say so myself.

These are a pair of childrens socks, well no its not yet a pair...........
Its one of each of what are suposed to be two pairs of childrens socks in size 1 - 2 y old and 2-4 y old but I started and finished one sock (the biggest one) but in the mean time I got some new yarn I was so keen to try that I started on the smaller sized sock so I could test it out so thats why I have one of each but as I m typing I have already started on the 2nd sock to 1-2 y old sized sock they will get theire matching partner soon.

I placed my knitting needles "around" the sock so you could see the size in proportion too.

The 1-2 y old  socks is knitted in Katia merino 100% [ 100% merino superwash in grey , colour 505 ]
mixed with Katia Darling  pure merino wool superwash [60% virgin wool and 40% polyamid , colour 206 ]

The 2-4 y old sized socks is knitted in Step 6 in blue ish colours and some different blue and turqouise thin alpaca wool in the striped on the rib.


Lisa Collier said...

I love the colors you use, very pretty! Now, I am inspired to go buy some yarn and get my crochet needles out :)

Sillan said...

Så flink du er!