Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Are you interested to buy anything you see here or do you want me to make something especially for you ?

 Well one thing I have to make clear even though i v put this post up saying I can make any card you want if you choose to purchase that from me I must make it clear that this is not a sales blog.
I v created this blog purely because I want to share what I make with other crafters.

Well  yes i do make my handmade cards for sale .......
I can  make handmade cards, as easy or plane you would like it or as complicated and blingy as your heart desires....

I can make single cards or i can make sets...

I make little paper baskets too which you can fill with what ever you want...If you look in the blog you will see ideas of what i have done and i can make them christmassy or even for Easter or a wedding, that is all up to you.

I love making things and it is so nice to hear if people like it so i would truly appreciate it if you would leave some comments, honestly you don't know how much it means to me when i see someone has opted to follow my blog or leave a comment or more.

I don't have a set price on my things but would agree one with you and it would all depend on how complicated it is and if you want a lot of "fancy" decor on it, i often use flowers, lace and diamonds and pearls on them but you can of course choose what ever you want on it.
It does cost a little bit  more buying my cards than getting one in the book shop but you will get something very special and you  can get it personalised and make it really suit the person you will be giving it too.
It will truly be a unique item you are getting.

I also make decorated canvases and you can choose if you want and "arty" one with me using my papers and other things like rubber stamping: i can do friendship ones or love ones or even something that tickles your funnybone.

OR i can make one with the possibility to add a photo.

If you choose the last option you can opt for sending me the photo you want on it with instructions on how you would like it as well as colour choice or i can make it ready for you too add the photo yourself.... All i need to know is the size of the photo you want to add. i will then supply you with what you need to attach it yourself, though it will be a bit different from the way i do it and i can not promise it will stay on it for as long mine would.

Don't get me wrong it wont fall off after a few weeks but i have other means to make it stay on than what i am capable to send you.

If you are a member at LHC i will give a slight discount..I mean i wont be making any money on this hobby lets face it ,lol but i do hope to make it cover most of my expenses on what i make.

We can agree on a price or i will be willing to swop for hair toys, anything is interesting but that is something we have to agree on before i start making anything.

That also goes for the price if you opt for paying.

And this is not because i don't trust you but i will ask for 50% before i start making anything and then the rest of it when you have received the card or what i am making.

This might change though , i might choose later on to get it all pre payed and even if you decide you dont like the card i will still need to get payed for my time and supplies on it.

If i can use it myself for something else i will only charge you 50%.

You can contact me on pm or on email which i really prefer.

mail is

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