Monday, September 6, 2010

I know i know i havent updatet things in here in a while.

I know that its been so quiet here and i know i haven't even added any pictures but its not that many who reads this blog anyway, unfortunately.
If i knew there was ppl reading it that actually enjoyed to see what i make and put in here i m sure i would try and update it a lot more but if i m going to do that you guys has to actually leave me a comment once in a while so i see there is an interest,
I will add some photos as soon as i have taken some, it has happened so much to me lately i haven't had the chance too even if i wanted too anyway.
I will start to create and make some birthday and Christmas cards very soon and then i will add it here as soon as i can, at least i made a post today if nothing else.

luv Nina

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Scrappelise said...

Gleder meg til å se på julekortene dine, trenger litt inspirasjon!
Jeg har også så smått startet med julekortproduksjon. Ha en fortsatt fin dag!