Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well everyone is having blog candys so i m thinking i should have one too but i have no way of sending anything out before christmas since i m going to be spending christmas in sunny Portugal.

So i m thinking the one that writes the 50th comment, better settle at 50 since so little people are coming here unfortentately but i will do a bigger one when i have a 100 comments ok.
I will make it a suprise what the blog candy is and i will make it a criteria that the comment must be atleast 2 whole sentences with something nice and sensible to say.

Any ideas on this will be welcome and i will post this around on some norwegian forums and english and us forums aswell so now number 5oth, look forward to getting something nice in the mail

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Gulltann og Pus said...

Hei. Du har lagt inn en kommentar på bloggen min i september, som jeg dessverre ikke har sett før nå.. Kjolen jeg har sydd er fra Stoff & stil, og mønstrene dere er egentlig ganske lettfattelige med steg for steg-forklaringer.